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Can you mark your own answer as a solution?

Before I ask that question, I will ask this one: Is there an appropriate forum to ask questions about the forums? Stack Exchange has a META subforum ...

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Workflow throws error when setting item level perm...

I am posting this having already solved the issue, as a help to other users. I have a Nintex workflow on a SharePoint 2013 site. I am setting item ...

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Workflow does not show calculated column for new i...

I have a Nintex workflow for a SharePoint 2013 list. The list has a "Due Date" date column and an "FY" calculated column. FY calculates the Fiscal Ye...

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Workflow with Multiple Choice field with similar c...

I have a Workflow in SharePoint 2013 that uses a Multiple Choice field, "Service Center". Users may choose one or more Service Centers for an Item. E...

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Start a Site Workflow from a List Workflow

I am working with a SharePoint 2013 list. I have a simple workflow that updates the Status field based on the Due Date field and the current date. I ...

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