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Disable a panel in a form when send for approval

hi, I have a form which is filled in by a initiator after which the submitted form is send for approvals(email) to 2 levels one after another t...

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Formula in Calculated value

I have a Form where I generate some short codes using build string function for marketing team. In the form I have a control called "IO_Number" ...

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how do i change the border of list lookup to red t...

if(fromShortcode.val() == toShortcode.val()){ alert('same values entered in both the field!'); NWF$(shortCode).addClass('border-red'); } else...

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what is webPermMasks error?

why am I getting the error which says unable to get the property webPermMasks of undefined or null references? help me solve this error.

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how to produce an alert pop up message when user e...

I have written the following code can anyone tell me where am I going wrong? NWF$(document).ready(function() { var fromShortcode = ...

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Validating Attachment control by using custom func...

Many times we have to validate attachment control inside a form on certain condition. For example, say, there is a checkbox on a form and when yo...

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