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Validation of Fields

Hi, I have two fields, one is a list and there is another calculated value field, where it checks and compares two fields for equal data and ret...

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Nintex Form Field Focus

Hi All, Above is the snapshot of a Nintex Form, In my present nintex form whenever i Tab out from a field its going in a zigzag order, i don'...

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Form Runtime Error

Hi, I have built some forms in Nintex Forms, but when i try to preview them or run them i am getting a error stating "Sorry, something went wron...

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Counter in Nintex Workflows?

I have a workflow with State Machine Defined (3 Branches) to be precise. The case is if I enter the second branch for the second time, then the ...

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Nintex for Sharepoint 2016 Documentation

Are there any help files or product documentation on Nintex for Sharepoint 2016 , and how to use different tools. Our Organization recently l...

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Do not save data for disable fields 

I am having 2 radio buttons in a repeating section of the form. The two options allows two panel (having many controls) in the repeating secti...

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Show text box only based on click on choice button...

Hi All, I have a choice field with radio button, if i select others, then text field should display, if i select application, there will be one ...

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Connected calculated fields do not save to the Sha...

Hello, I have a few calculated fields and I connected them to a list column. I saved / published the form and ran a test. The form ran correct...

  • By bsieloff
  • September 19, 2017  17:44
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Difference between Workflow Start Form and List Ni...

What is the difference between these 2 forms: 1. Within a Nintex Workflow under Workflow Settings, Edit Start Form > Edit with Nintex Forms ...

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Is Multiple selection possible in Choice-Dropdown

Hello, In Nintex Form displayed Choice control as "Drop-Down Menu". There are many option choices in Drop-Down menu. It allows only one sele...

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