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Retrieve Workflow Task ID at end of Approval URL s...

I've read through many a forum thread and I have yet to find an answer to this that doesn't involve some convoluted method to achieve. Here's an exa...

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Unable to delete workflow

When I attempt to delete a specific workflow, an error message generates: There was an error processing the request. I am a site collection adminis...

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Query list to retrieve values from single columns ...

I have a query list control at the beginning of a list workflow that queries another comprehensive list of inspectors with multiple columns (Email_Ad...

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Workflow Tasks list "Title" column

I've seen many posts dancing around this issue but none that directly address it--so I'm submitting a post of my own. I have a list workflow that ...

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Is it possible to attach document used to start wo...

I have a Nintex 2013 workflow built on a Sharepoint 2013 Document Library. I would like to be able to attach the document used to start the work...

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