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30-Day Trial of Nintex Workflow Cloud- Conecction ...

Hello, I am doing some testing with nintex cloud free trial which is great, however I am not able to create a connection to send information fro...

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Reset checkbox.

Good Day Team, I am trying to evaluate some conditions in my approval Task "Approved/Rejected" If the task is rejected then I need select an ext...

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Make nintex form as "Defaul New Form"

Good day to all, I need your help guys, I have developed a nintex form and i wanted put this form as default new form instead of selecting add n...

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Send email notification in advance

Hello everyone, I need your advice, I am trying to create an action to send an email notifcation in advance based on my column "arrival", so if ...

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Get data from another list triggered by a calculat...

Good Day Team, I need your suggestion about my request, The maint list is called "UserProfil" I am trying to pull information from the user prof...

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Oldest SharePoint trick in the book

This is probably not news to many on here, but for those un-initiated in some of SharePoint quirks, I present the famous "Calculated Column" tric...

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Workflow option to start when the items are modifi...

Hi All I have a form with a column of type number . I want to trigger a workflow only when my value of the column becomes 3.In workflow settings...

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Set default value to lookup field stopped working ...

I have set lookup default field value(from query string parameter) in my nintex forms as below and it was working fine. NWF$(document).ready(f...

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Redirect URL when user clicks Cancel Button

Hello - I know it's possible to redirect users when the form has been submitted to a custom URL, but does any know if it's possible to redirec...

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