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Submit a Form leads to reload after several verfiv...

hi, following situation: - You have a form with validation rules - submit the form, validation shows an error - click several times on submit...

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Adding user to AD groups failing for a couple of g...

hi, we successfully created a workflow for provisioning users and assigning AD-groups based on another user. what we are experiencing is that a...

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Nintex Form and attachment validation not working ...

Hi, did you ever encounter the following? Using a Nintex Form with a validation rule in an attachment control checking for the amount of docume...

  • By astrakid
  • September 03, 2018  23:37
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Bug in version control?

hi, did anyone encounter, that the version control of nintex workflow is not properly working? If you are working with two persons concurrently...

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Workflow stopped with errors although everything s...

Hi, following situation: A workflow shall create about 700 list items within a loop. These items are created within the workflow and the workflo...

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Flexi Task assigned to a Distribution List

I have a Flexi Task I tried to assign to a Distribution List. When I put in the Distribution List (DL) for the Assignees field it finds the DL o...

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