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How can I access User Accounts in Nintex Workflow ...

I am trying to compare specific "people-type" fields in my workflow to specific user in my department. We have moved to SharePoint Online. I have a "...

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Nintex Form Repeater Section CSS

I need to add a button to a form that contains seven repeating sections. I can't use the default "Add Row" text because some users may not have the a...

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CSS to change Button Outline On-Focus

I work for a government agency and our forms need to comply with accessibility needs. We are using classic form in Nintex for SharePoint Online. The ...

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Is it possible to combine multiple PDF documents i...

I am trying to create one PDF that can be download by reviewers to approve or reject. Using SharePoint O365 with Nintex. The applicant enters req...

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How do you select the first or middle row of a rep...

I have a repeating section that I am manipulating in various ways. One of the ways I am doing so is by deleting the last row b using the following J...

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Attachments in Repeating section for External form...

SharePoint 2016 - On prem We have just patched our SP2016 into the most recent release which includes the new feature of having Attachments adde...

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Can I merge several merged PDFs, each an object of...

This may sound confusing, so here's what my requirements are: We have an object called a Transportation Request, which, once approved, contain...

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  • January 25, 2017  06:36
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Dynamically setting the page width and height

Hi All, I have multiple panels in my form and depending upon the value of certain flag column I am hiding and showing the panels.I also want to ...

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