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Nintex Mobile App - Issues with Filtering on Form ...

I have a SharePoint 2010 site that houses a form which contains cascading drop-downs. Both the Desktop and Mobile apps work fine with my forms un...

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Query a list and output an item's content usin...

I will start off saying that using the lookup() function within a calculated field will not work in this scenario. I require the ability to compl...

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How to create a mobile form to update and view ite...

Sorry if this has already been answered in a different post. I tried searching but I could not find anyone with a similar issue. Here's my pro...

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Extending Nintex Mobile Signature control to deskt...

We can simply extend the recent release of Nintex Mobile Signature Control to work with desktop/browser. This exercise I will show how I did it c...

  • By kkgan
  • February 25, 2016  22:38
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