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Conditional Processes & Approvals

With any automated process that contain approvals sometimes they can be conditionally needed to speed things up. For example, in a sales type use case let's say a Rep is allowed to give a 10% discount...

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Verify Data & Make Approvals faster by Assigning Tasks in Workflows.

Assigning a task in Nintex Workflow Cloud or NWC is a great way to speed up the part of a business process where a human interaction is needed to get to the next step. Examples like approvals for quot...

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Drawloop Field Tagger Basics: Tips Tricks & Relationships

The Field Tagger is the key to using Drawloop effectively. It allows you to reach all the data in your environment and push to your template documents. Once you know the data you are trying to pull yo...

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Using Nintex workflow as a delivery option for Drawloop in Salesforce

For users of Salesforce utilizing Drawloop there are many delievery options that already exist out of the box such as storage, email and eSign options to name a few. There are times when more steps th...

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Trigger Nintex doc for signature via Nintex Sign

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction........ I have used workflow and outbound message to automate doc gen against a lead record in salesforce. I have nintex sign and want to auto send/t...

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  • Posted by GeriP
  • | July 24, 2019 10:00
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File versioning?

Hello! Has anyone been able to handle versioning within Drawloop? For example,if I run a DDP on a Case, and then run it again later, could I have Drawloop save the second DDP as a new version of the f...

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  • Posted by csims
  • | May 02, 2019 14:25
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Issue while sending an Email [Auto Send] from DocGen package.

I'm facing the issue when sending the email from Drawloop. I have selected the delivery option Email and checkedthe checkbox Auto-Send. When I'm sending an email it's giving me an error.Please help me...

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  • Posted by SidCA
  • | April 10, 2019 00:23
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Docgen Error due to rich text field

I am getting an data invalid error due to my rich text field for some records and few records are working fine whenever I am running my docgen package through docgen button present in object layout. B...

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  • Posted by Nav185
  • | April 09, 2019 02:52
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Translate a numeric value into a checked box in a Word template?

Hi, I have a roll-up summary field on a Contracts object, that counts additional Sites who would be taking advantage of a Contract's pricing. The contract form I'm populating represents this as a chec...

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