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Special characters in exported file from a list

Dear all, I have a list, whenever I export the list to a excel file, there are some special characters in the excel file like #, and YES/NO in t...

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Link a sharepoint list to a local file in D drive ...

Hi all, I would like to ask for your help how to link a sharepoint list to my file in D drive. It means that whenever I work on a local file, i...

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Set Edit Mode on the Library list

Dear all, I have a Library list. I want to have a Edit function above all list items. But as a default, it only have "New document" and "Drag fi...

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Set variable with multiple values

Hi team, I have a list which is used to send email to notifications to peoples in "CC Email To" field. In that field, I used person name and the...

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Sorting and grouping items

Hi all, I want whenever a newest item created, it will be displayed in the first line of the list. I used Sorting function in "Modify this view"...

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