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Get ID when creating item with lists.asmx

Hello,when using the "create item"-action I have the option the get the ID of the element that I am creating. This allows me to set a "set item permission" on exactly this element that I created.I nee...

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Request data will not complete

Hello,we are currently on SP2013, Nintex WF created a workflow with a request data Action. The Action will create a new CT, I added some fields to the CT and everything should work perfectly ...

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Change currency value from repeating section directly in Query XML

Hello,first of all the specifications of my solution:working with SharePoint/Nintex onPremisesite template is in english, but should also work with other language/currency-settings. Most of the time €...

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Nintex forms --> list lookup cannot be filtered

Hello,I want to encourage our users to use SharePoint lists instead of Excel, so far there are almost only advantages.But the users need to enter amounts for accruals for every month. In Excel they ha...

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Concatenate dropdowns to textfield

In Nintex Forms I have 3 dropdowns and after each one gets selected I want a text field to get filled. For Instance:DD1 possible values: A1, A2, A3DD2 possible values: B1, B2, B3DD3 possible values: C...

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Query Item Permissions?

Can I use the workflow to query the unique permissions on a list item?My workflow breaks the inheritance on a list item and resets the item permissions for the Owner's group (full control) and the Cre...

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Auto-generated Permission Level

Hello,I want to add permissions to my SP group by Nintex Workflow but when I add I have new permissions levelAuto-generated Permission Level..My permissions level:Permission mask:1281825791Call Webser...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by bofort
  • | January 18, 2017 06:17
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