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tip: how to move validation error messages from top of page

Hi all, We made quite a long form for one of our clients and he was complaining about the fact that validation error messages are always posted on top of the page while the part of the form visible on...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | January 08, 2015 01:46
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Displaying Repeating Section Data in List Views, The Easy Way!

IntroductionRepeating sections are very powerful if you want to create 1 to many relationships within your Nintex Forms. However, they come with some caveats when you need to parse, use and display th...

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attachments custom validation

I have need for very custom validation on an attachment field.We have a series of cascading drop down menus that make the attachment field visible based on the selections. When the conditions that mak...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by waltont
  • | June 29, 2016 06:39
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New Install - What you need to know

Things you should know before performing a brand new install 1) Required Accounts and ServicesSharePoint Install account Ensure the user account that is performing the Installation/Deployment (Windows...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | June 10, 2014 18:13
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Lookup Runtime in Nintex Forms for Office 365

If I could fill the title with exclamation points, I would. The lookup() runtime function for Nintex Forms for Office 365 is now available. For those of you that have used Nintex Forms for SharePoint ...

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How to set a list lookup form control connected to a text column

Ok, here is a weird one. I have a text column that contains an employee number. On my form I set the value of this column using a List Lookup control. This is so that it is not truly a list lookup col...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by pdavis
  • | October 09, 2014 07:41
  • Views 7931
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Is there any capabilities in Nintex forms to do a nested data grid?

I have a requirement to display (and edit) data in a nested-grid. I've been researching the capabilities of Nintex Forms and I can't find any illustrations on whether the repeating control can do nest...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Best Practice Question : Breaking a Complex workflow

Requirement to build a multi-team business process. The process starts with a initiation request capturing basic information and then tasks are created for other teams to capture their own data points...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | November 04, 2015 13:51
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Help Pop Ups on a Nintex form

HiI am not sure if this is possible - but I was wondering if it was possible to add a hover over help text field on a "label"On most fields I am able to add a help text as below -Which appears as a he...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | January 11, 2016 06:30
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Attachments required

I want to make attachments a required field for the user, but there is no sort of validation for the Attachment control.I tried using the solution in this (

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | August 11, 2014 20:17
  • Views 6940
  • Replies 8

Configuring Nintex Workflow to open Task Form in Edit Mode

Hey all--Hoping one of you may have a good answer. Is there a way to configure Nintex Workflow to open a Task Form in Edit Mode?In Task, I can assign a variable to the task ID. I actually don't see th...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | March 21, 2016 16:02
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How to hide or disable the Save button in the top of the form?

What way or ways are there to hide the Save button that is built in at the top of the form. I have other buttons that are tied to controls on the form itself and do not want users to be able to save w...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by davisn
  • | July 20, 2016 07:05
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