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Forms: Parent / Child structure using List view Control

parent child‌forms‌ ‌MeFirst of all, excuse my english, please.I'm not an expert, but I would like to share with you my first significant development using Nintex Forms. It could be easy, but I'm very...

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  • Posted by f_falomir
  • | September 30, 2017 04:09
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Document Generation - Can't add Multiple Choice fields

Hi there,I'm using nintex cloud. I've created a start even form with variables, Then created a "generate document".problem is I'm able to add all fields into a template using the document tagger excep...

In Nintex Workflow Cloud
  • Posted by wholani
  • | July 31, 2018 14:04
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Attachments from NWC form

I would like to know how can I retrieve the attachments from the NWC start up form and attach them to the item in SharePoint list.I'm using OneDrive as storage location. The collection of the attachme...

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Deleting a broken form OR ...restoring it's PREVIOUS version on Nintex Forms for Offi

Yebo you read the title rightSo this workaround will assist you in either deleting or restoring a previous version of a Nintex Form for Office 365 using SharePoint Designer 2013.AuthorPalesa Sikwane‌L...

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Improve Task Forms with List Item Attachments

List item attachments are not available from a task form – even one customized with Nintex Forms. Providing all pertinent information (including related documents) to complete an approval task from a ...

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  • Posted by nprestby
  • | December 28, 2017 14:41
  • Views 9448
  • Replies 13

What is the cause of items created on Nintex Live forms duplicating?

Our on-premise SharePoint environment is using Nintex Live Forms for a couple of the lists. I have been informed that there are duplicate items. I've confirmed with the user that they have accessed th...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by shyeung
  • | August 12, 2018 20:39
  • Views 1430
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Save Attachments from NWC Form to SharePoint list item using OneDrive as Default File

Objective of this projectis to ask vendors and partners fill out a form with their company details. This information needs to be saved in SharePoint for internal team to look over and process further....

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How to use Office 365 Create User Action?

I'm getting this error when running the Office 365 Create User ActionUnable to create user after retrying 5 time(s).Has anyone successfully created a O365 user account using the said action? can you p...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by normanb
  • | August 14, 2018 18:16
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user defined action

Hi, I am migrating a onpremise 2013 to the 365.How do I recreate a User Defined Action on 365?Will I need to recreate the variables and everything every time?

In Nintex for Office 365
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Can any one please help me in Copying an item in the same list along with Attachments

Copying item with Attachments in a SharePoint list in SharePoint online using Nintex workflow

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by sandesh
  • | August 12, 2018 23:12
  • Views 1607
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Problem with validation on Managed Metadata column

Problem with validation on Managed Metadata columnI have a simple form with 3 columns (field) created as Managed Metadata column – named as the validation I wantedProblem with validation on Managed Me...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by bbg
  • | August 13, 2018 00:24
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Where is GUID that represents the identifier of the workflow?

Hi!According to the Nintex Workflow for O365 REST API documentation, if I want to use the method to import workflow into the existing one I should provide the GUID of the existing workflow (http://hel...

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Forms Design: changing the auto generated form

HiI am trialing Nintex Forms and Workflows. created mu first form on the Office 365 Team Site library with the existing list columns, saved and published. Ok now I need to make changes such as Create ...

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