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new Nintex Forms Designer - Signature control

I see now there is a new version of Nintex Forms Designer. I could not access it initially because of the new sites being blocked by our firewall, b...

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Print To PDF not working on some forms after Updat...

We just updated Nintex Forms from to After the update some of our forms won't Print To PDF. On some of our forms the feature works...

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Nintex Responsive Form - capture user signature

We are using Nintex App Studio and have a requirement where staff are going out in the field and collecting data form clients. As part of that data c...

  • By yted
  • June 19, 2019  17:53
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Check to see if a user is present in the particula...

I want to check to see if a user is present in the particular AD group (or SP group) using Nintex workflow O365. I can do this with on-premise b...

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The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRE...

I'm getting this error when trying to install Nintex forms and workflows for sp2013. Never saw this error before for many other environments th...

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How to export Repeater section XML format data to ...

Hi, I have created one sample Nintex Form , which consist of one Repeater section data. While saving the repeater section clicking on...

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how to export Nintex form data to csv file in exce...

I want Nintex form data from a repeating section (part #s) to be exported into an Excel file at completion of Workflow

  • By ghemby
  • August 22, 2017  12:11
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Get users from Azure AD group in o365

Hi All, I am working on a requirement where user would assign a task to an individual who is part of a Azure AD group say in Executives. Cl...

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Make attachments required on condition

I'm implementing an expense claim. And the users are required to attach a receipt except if they are only claiming mileage. How do I create a con...

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Flexi-task action sends email before creating the ...

SharePoint 2013 on-premises. We have a strange behaviour on 2 separate environments (read: different server, sql database). When the Flexi-Ta...

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attachments custom validation

I have need for very custom validation on an attachment field. We have a series of cascading drop down menus that make the attachment field vi...

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Accessibility Compliance for Nintex Forms

Hi Community and Devs, My question is since haven't seen anything on this is, are Nintex forms ADA compliant or do we have to make them so? ...

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Extending Nintex Mobile Signature control to deskt...

We can simply extend the recent release of Nintex Mobile Signature Control to work with desktop/browser. This exercise I will show how I did it c...

  • By kkgan
  • February 25, 2016  22:38
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how to show the controls based on the dropdown val...

i want to show text box for specific values of the drop down

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Turning attachments into working, controlled docum...

In the recent request for community members to name their favourite workflow action, I put forward the "Copy To SharePoint" action, this was down...

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How do i send a email notification to a person lis...

I have created a task list and created a workflow to make it reoccurring, I am struggling to have the email notification sent to the people assi...

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  • July 09, 2015  06:23
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Copy attachment from list item to document library...

Hi I am using Workflow for Office 365 and have the following scenarios which I can't find an answer to: 1. User creates a list item with mul...

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  • August 08, 2014  03:14
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