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Delete item not working

I have a Delete Item object to delete other list records, for example i want to delete the list records in the list "IMX Procurement Details" whe...

  • By joelau
  • June 11, 2018  19:25
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Hide a form control based on more than one drop-do...

I am trying to show/hide a control based on selections from a drop down list. Documents Drop down has 4 options - A, B, C, D and I need the contr...

  • By so102
  • May 25, 2018  02:49
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Workflow publishing error "Object reference n...

Hello, I run into an error when I save a large workflow. Situation: When I copy the 'Assign a task' action, this error happens. The image b...

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Setting permissions on the "Workflow Tasks&qu...

Hi I'm assigning a flexi task to a user and they're getting the following error: I tried upping the permissions on the list with no lu...

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Hi, I'm relatively new to Forms On my form I have two separate yes/no tickboxes for users. If a user ticks yes on one of the tickboxes then I ...

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How to create panel or section control in nintex c...

Hi, I have a requirement where I want to hide and show particular section of the form based on condition but I don't see any section or panel...

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Query List not returning columns

Hi, I am building a simple query list workflow, to send a reminder email. Basically we have a list of appointments, and I want to send an em...

  • By paulg
  • May 09, 2018  12:49
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Rules don't always seem to execute until after...

First off thanks to everyone who posts on this site. I have been able to figure out a great of tricks based on your posts! One problem I am ...

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Modify form

Hi! I'm learning how to use Nintex and I've tried to find solution for this one problem. Is it possible to modify form in the middle of the wo...

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File Upload Failed

Hi there: I'm getting this error for every file I try, on every NWC form I have -- PDFs, XLSX, PNG, 1KB, 1MB... all: Here's the set-up...

  • By rhia
  • January 20, 2018  19:09
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