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Site Workflow - Document Review Date Approaching Reminders

I tried searching for site workflow examples on the forum and I didn't see a tremendous amount, so I thought I would write about a simple site workflow that appears to be requested often. The workflow...

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Problem with new connection manager

In a workflow I'm using an account to update item permissions. The workflow runs fine when credentials are provided in the action itself.Now with the new connection manager I hope I can store the cred...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by praios81
  • | February 20, 2018 03:56
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How to Capture Approval Comments in Nintex Forms List in Workflow Action - Start a ta

Hi All,Could anyone let me know the steps with example how can we capture approval comments in NIntex Forms List Column in case of Workflow Action - Start a task process.Additional Task Process Config...

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  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | November 21, 2015 14:28
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Tips for Newbies (like me) - Form Panels

I jumped right in to building a form... I got this! I plugged away adding items as fast as I could and before I knew it I had a decent size form put together. Time to run it! Well. yeah my layout in...

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  • Posted by bburke
  • | August 13, 2016 11:30
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State machine stuck in change state

I have created lots of Nintex workflow which contain state machine, today i found all state machine stuck in change state. try to restart SharePoint server, database, unless i turn off 'safe loop' the...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by stz
  • | January 21, 2016 21:21
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Is there a way to disable "edit item" after the person has submitted the form?

I have a form with a workflow that i need to restrict any edits that can be made by the person who is submitting the form After they have submitted it.does anyone know how this can be done?Using Ninte...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by pfranks
  • | October 06, 2015 13:28
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Query list item from another site and compare it with item from current site NINTEX W

Hello i have a problem with making a Query List Item in NINTEX WORKFLOW.I want to Query List Item from another site (I know how to do with CAML EDITOR) but in same code i want to compare Filtered Item...

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What part of my workflow is erroring?

Hi Everyone,I am using nintex in an office 365 environment. I am working with a state machine. At first I thought the workflow was erroring because I had added a "run if" command and a conditional bra...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by drk76002
  • | August 03, 2017 12:55
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Workflow history and forms in Nintex for O365

Hello,I'm new Nintex user and I've just started to create a new workflows.The thing that is very crucial for me is to have a clear Workflow history. With currently used other workflow system history i...

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Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

getting this erro:Error in request data action. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | February 20, 2015 09:11
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How to get All Approver Comments in Office 365

On premises Nintex 2013 has All Approver Comments and All Approver Comments (HTML) functions. These are missing in my Office 365 version of Nintex. Does the cloud version lack this functionality?Is th...

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New: A Monthly Honor Roll

This month, we're starting a new way of connecting you to the people who make Nintex Connect the community that it is. And to do that, we're literally asking you to "follow" ten people! Each month for...

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  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | May 09, 2017 11:04
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O365 Groups, Roles, and Membership Accounts

When attempting to provide everyone in my tenant permissions to very public content, I ran into trouble understanding the various options I have. Traditionally when on premise, We would grant the All ...

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  • Posted by andrewg
  • | March 25, 2016 08:04
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Nintex Workflow for Office 365 – How to get the corresponding values of a lookup colu

In my scenario, I have two lists. The first list is called „Car marks and Product locations“, where I store car marks and the locations where they are produced.The second list is called „Car marks“, t...

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Want a Rota?

The client had an extensive form that needed to go online to improve the process. It's a variation to contract form that feeds into many external systems. Currently the form is owned by HR and due to ...

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I'm creating a new form in Nintex, it looks good on the screen but when I view the fo

I've used panels to put my labels and control functions in the canvas of the form, I've taken them out of panels and I'm still getting issues with overlapping of my Preview

In Nintex for Office 365
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Workflow Publish/Save Name Error : Cannot connect to the workflow manager to check th

This is not an error I have seen before, only shows up when trying to Publish or Save a workflow.- SharePoint Designer Workflows are publishing and ruining ok- Account is Site Collection Administrator...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by Warwick
  • | January 12, 2017 17:48
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Form Rules Based on Form Mode

Have you ever wanted to create a Form Rule based on whether or not your form was in New, Edit, or Display mode respectively? It turns out you can do exactly that without too much effort. In this examp...

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  • Posted by mmatsako
  • | March 22, 2016 13:12
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Need help getting Display Name from a Person or Group list item

I have a SharePoint list column that is Person or Group and would like to extract the Display Name in a workflow control. We are using O365 Forms and Workflow. The column is Employee Name and the list...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | January 14, 2016 14:44
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How to remove spaces in item url?

My client is using O365 Nintex workflow and due to spaces in item url, items url isn't all hyperlink. This is inconvenient to end users as the hyperlinks isn't working. I found solution to remove spac...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by sarisime
  • | December 14, 2015 02:56
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