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Nintex Workflow Flexitask based on selection

I have a SharePoint List form that depending on the selection of a dropdown (which could potentially have values added) which SharePoint Group would ...

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Auto-populate Form Field based on multiple other F...

My need is for Nintex form to dynamically populate the correct Coder and Approver based on matching to 3 columns in SharePoint list. Ni...

  • By rdpDen
  • June 11, 2019  08:56
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How to make the filled value from the sent email a...

Hello, Description of workflow how it works now: And here is my form: And I need after approving th...

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Site workflow querying multiple lists

This sounds too simple to not be able to but, is there a way to build out a site workflow that queries multiple lists? Looking to build out via actio...

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Create single notifications for owners of document...

Hi I'm new to Nintex so apologies if this is something simple! We have a document library with several document owners. These documents have differ...

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Attachments in Repeating Section

Unable to add Attachment Section in Repeating Section. Need help to resolve this. Please find the screenshot below for reference.

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Problem with Set Condition control always defaulti...

Hi, I've been working on this form where I want the user to select either a Test or Live enviornment. I added conditions that in order to get to the ...

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How Do I Use For-Each With Regular Number Variable...

I have a workflow with a loop that is working, but the loop takes far too long. I want to instead use a For-Each, but that uses a collection variable...

  • By rogerb
  • June 03, 2019  07:23
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Site workflow to send approvals to each list item ...

I wanted to create a site workflow that is executed once per day that checks to see if any items need to be reviewed based on a date, then emails the...

  • By LauraN
  • June 03, 2019  04:02
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Display field after multiple-choice selected

How can i do a when statement in Nintex form within 2013 SharePoint, if i only want the field "Seedless/Seeded" to appear in all but 3 of 6 total cho...

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File number with hyphen

Hello! User must type a file number in our form. File number always starts lwith the year: 2019- What is my best option to have Nintex autom...

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Show Panel Only In Edit Mode And Display Mode

Hi All, Does anyone know how to show a panel in both Edit Mode and Display mode (not New Mode)

  • By AHaq01
  • May 30, 2019  09:00
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Nintex Forms UserProfileLookup for Person or Group...

Hello, In Nintex Forms, I would like to have a Person or Group field populated with the current user that is accessing the form. I can cr...

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Unable to set date in picker to null

Good morning. I have a very simple nintex form in SP 2013 (no workflows etc) with multiple date pickers. Users are unable to delete the date if one...

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obtain data from page

i've created a custom page that can take in input to filter a list and only display items that fulfill that filters because i'm going to need to ex...

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Icon/square in Nintex Forms Attachment control

Hello, when I add an attachment control to a form, it looks like this: It is not looking better, if the form is working in "rea...

  • By panc
  • May 29, 2019  00:28
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How to have independent Save buttons on multiple p...

I am using on premise SharePoint 2013 Nintex 2013. I have a process that needs multiple panels. Each panel is for use by a different functi...

  • By Nanehi
  • May 28, 2019  12:41
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List value is different than form value

Has anyone seen a situation where the a field in the nintex list display one value, but when you open the list item in the form, it shows another val...

  • By wattss
  • May 28, 2019  09:53
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Add attachment to list from document library

Hello I have a library that type of documents is ".pdf",after creation of each document, I want to create an item in the list ,and attach document...

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Copy list item from one site to another including ...

I build a workflow with two steps: first step is to copy the list item itself with "create element in another website" which works fine. Now I ...

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