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Nintex Connect is relaunching and what that means ...

Updated Update 25/01/2019 (January 25th) We are in the final stages of preparing for a move to the new community site and there are a few...

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Copy Folder and Files Inside Folder

Hello, I want to copy folder and files inside folders from one document library to another document library in same site.I used both of the Vad...

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Move doc from sub folder to another lib

HI, Please help write the nintex workflow. I have 15 folders and each folder has sub folder in lib A#. The workflow has to scan the lib A and mo...

  • By roseka
  • May 22, 2018  15:52
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workflow to update column status

Hi All, I have been requested to create a list for tracking items, where if a user adds comments to an item it will update another column sta...

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How to get checkbox selection and send email to re...

I'm fairly new to using Nintex and I know very little. I am having trouble creating the workflow for my form. Below is a description of what I ne...

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Workflows stuck at Pause

Hello all! As part of my defensive workflow design (and as advised by Nintex Support) I've added a Pause before each task in a workflow. And now...

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Is it possible to reproduce multichoice column as ...

Hello All, My question is on the title For example my column multi choice with following values (P1,P2,P3,P4) in SharePoint : If I selec...

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Date field "losing a day" when creating ...

Hello Fellow Nintexperts, While working with a client today, I've come across an interesting issue. Despite developing a work-around already, I'...

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Moving soon from SP 2013 on prem to SP online. An...

See title. The team that manages our Sharepoint instance is making this migration and I'm concerned that they may not have tested all the Nintex...

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May Mission - Quick Top Tip!

Following on from the success of January 2017 Mission ‌ "What is your Nintex New Years Resolution", which was all about what bad habits you have...

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How to set value in Choice field based on value of...

I have two choice fields as mentioned in below screen shot: and the requirements is: If Original PO available then Source of Order field...

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Get new created item

Hi all i have created a Nintex Workflow in Sp10 which after a few checks, duplicates the current item via COPY ITEM to the same list. What i ...

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Nintex Form With Deleted Lookup Value

I have a problem that was not there before installing the latest updates as I remember. I have a form with a List Lookup control that works fine...

  • By omourad
  • August 16, 2016  08:35
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nintex mobile apps form background color

Hi, having some issues changing the background color of a nintex form in the mobile app. Any recommendations??

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Nintex Mobile introduces Profiles, and adds Forms ...

The Nintex teams have been at it this last couple of months working hard on some great new initiatives influenced heavily by the requirements of ...

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Getting a Field with "Time only" in Nint...

Hi fellow Nintex Admins, in InfoPath i can set a text field to "time". Is there a way to achieve this with Nintex Forms? Cheers Daniel

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Hyperlink to Email Person on Form

Here is what I am trying to do. On a form, I want to create a hyperlink to open an email directed to a person whose name/email is a person/group ...

  • By davisn
  • March 10, 2016  11:30
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Extending Nintex Mobile Signature control to deskt...

We can simply extend the recent release of Nintex Mobile Signature Control to work with desktop/browser. This exercise I will show how I did it c...

  • By kkgan
  • February 25, 2016  22:38
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What are the limits for a Assign Flexi Task?

Hello Everyone! I created a doc read functionality using the assign flexi task workflow. I need almost every associate to read the uploaded do...

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  • January 13, 2016  11:44
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Nintex mobile and firewall

How do you setup Nintex Mobile to work externally when your internet connection goes through a firewall. We have published our intranet out to t...

  • By yted
  • December 18, 2015  09:41
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