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The Delete and Add Functions are missing when I cr...

In K2 5 why are the Add and Delete functions missing from a list view I make edit able. See the old list here; and the new list below: I desperately...

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How to start a Parallel child Process in k2 Five

Hello, B4 k2 Five we were using No Distianation plan slot to start a multiple chil Prcoess parallel. No this is no more in k2 Five . So my query...

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Why Activity Data in WF Process is always blank

When i open workflow process in browser and click on any Step which is executed already and try to check Activity data for that perticular step but i...

  • By BB33
  • June 11, 2019  18:56
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Where can I find the source of an action? Was it f...

Hi, We have a workflow where a task can be completed from a Smartform or a SmartAction and we need to know where the source of a completed action...

  • By ss_
  • June 02, 2019  20:18
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Insert a List view / multiple records in an email?...

Hi, Is it possible to insert multiple records from a list view into an email in a workflow? So i have a form where the user enters several re...

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Generating Excel from Workflow

Hi, I have a requirement where I need to generate the excel in the workflow and send the same excel as an attachment. I am using SQL server 2...

  • By DR0607
  • April 30, 2018  00:04
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Add multiple email attachments

I am sending an email and would like to loop through a number of files and attach each one to the email. How can that be done? Not using SharePoint, ...

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Preventing spam in forms - ReCaptcha?

Hi, I'm interested in using a ReCaptcha type element to a form in order to prevent spam, has anyone here managed to encorporate this type of secu...

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