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Nintex Forms cant find Sharepoint List Item

I could use some help please, I have a customer who have Nintex Forms & Workflow 2013. Everything has been running smoothly for a couple of years but just in the last few months on some list items...

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Nintex Workflow SQL Timeout error

I'm working with a customer who has had Nintex Workflow 2010 for a while and it has worked well. I've just come on to help and have been unable to access the detailed view of the Workflow History:I ge...

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Inserting a comma into the text on a text field

Hi all,I have a form (2013 on premise) with a number of text fields that need to be formatted to use the thousand separator. I've got it working on the display view, however on new or edit they don't ...

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What caused a Request Data action to create 4 tasks?

Hi All,I've got a simple workflow that uses a single Request Data action to get some information from project managers, there are no escalations or reminders setup. I use a site workflow to update a c...

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Nintex Live error message: There was no endpoint listening

Hi All,We are trying to setup Nintex Live on a 2013 farm and seem to having a few issues. The administrator has followed the setup instructions however it still appears greyed out in forms designer an...

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Changing active option button background via javascript

Hi All,I have a form where I use panels, a choice control rendered as buttons to indicate which panel is currently active and "Previous"/"Next" buttons to move between panels. Originally I started wit...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Two Close buttons showing in Display Mode

Hi All,I have a 2010 form that shows two close buttons when it is open in display mode:I do have a save button and a save and submit button (the save and submit button is set to not show on the ribbon...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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How do I get the manager for more than one person in a single people picker field?

I have a simple form that allows a user to enter one or more users into a people picker field. On save an email gets sent that needs to be cc'ed to the users manger/s.The issue I have is I can use the...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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