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Get 1st document in current folder

Hello. I need help with a workflow to run in current folder/directory, and get the metadata of the 1st document in the folder. The folder will never be empty. Thanks!

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Add sufix to output filename when using "Copy file to File Share" Action

How to append text [-obsolete] to the end of file name (preserving file extension) before copying the file to file share without changing the document name in library? ** Item level action - cannot us...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Parent/child each multiple choice value and corresponding line item

I have 3 lists: 1) "Branch" 2) "Survey" > looks up [Sites] (multiple choice) in "Branch" 3) "Response" > looks up [Sites] (drop down) in "Branch", and [Survey Title] in "Survey" A Survey item i...

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How to Rename a Folder

SharePoint Workflow 2013I have a list workflow that triggers when a Topic is changed. Finds the Folder with the same Topic name by it's ID. I can't find a way to rename the folder to equal the Topic.I...

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Transposing Date Format using Regular Expression

I have a library with a couple of Date Columns, 1 is a library Date Column the other is a Date Lookup Column (from a list in the same site) that accepts null value. Issues:- Output from this 2 differe...

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Site workflow to get to get Document Due Date of documents inside folders

We have a library that has approximately 1,400 documents inside folders (3 levels deep). The internal auditors need an email report with the documents Revision Due Date. I created a site workflow that...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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How to email currency with thousand separator but not decimals

SharePoint List itemsField type: currency, no decimals. Output ex.: $1,500Requirement:Email HTML table (daily cost report) with desirable output $1,550. This is because the numbers reported are in mil...

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Do I run WF exe update on the WFE server? 

I have a small farm with 1WFE and 1APP server. Do I run the Workflow update on the WFE or the APP server?- Nintexworkflow2013core.wsp is deployed in my APP server- Nintexworflow2013.wsp deployed on my...

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Date column item not required.  What are the constraints of working with Date?&#

I created a site WF to send status reports as an HTML table. I'm stuck because it seems like the date type variable cannot be null/empty. My workflow has to loop through the items in the list and righ...

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Site workflow to email daily status report of logged items return all items id as zer

I followed this instructions posted on I get the following error: Failed to invoke web service. Error ret...

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