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Remove Unresolved Person/Group Entry From Repeatin...

We have a form with a repeating section where updates to the form are recorded. Someone who has left the company is in the "Updated By" field from ba...

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Error: "Someone else has the workbook checked...

We have an intermittent error where a workflow attempts to edit an existing Excel workbook using excelservice.asmx OpenWorkbookForEditing. The error ...

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Write XML for Call Web Service using Web method Up...

Hello, I am very new to XML and having trouble configuring a Call Web Service action. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my XML code please? ...

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Workflow Task is Completed but Workflow Outcome Re...

Hello, We are having a problem with a workflow getting stuck at a Request Data action. 99% of the time, this action completes successfully and the w...

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Sanity check please - form rule logic

If the named control, "RCExtensionCheckbox" is checked, and one of the {Self} controls this rule is applied to is empty, shouldn't this rule preven...

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Open Edit Form After Drag and Drop Upload To Libra...

When a user uploads a file to a document library using drag and drop, is there a way for the edit form to open automatically as soon as the upload is...

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Allow only CreatedBy to edit a field

We have looked at several similar posts but have not been able to make it work for our specific requirement. On a task list, we wish to allow only Cr...

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List Column Field on Form Twice

Does it not work if you put a list column field on the form twice? The New Item form is not saving my input from this field to the list. We have ...

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Form Panels Display in Wrong Place

I have two panels, we'll call them Series and SK, each with a formatting rule that hides them. The Series panel condition is: not( ProductNumberType ...

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Text is overlapping the fields beneath it

I have a multiline text field (BA Reason) whose contents are overlapping the fields beneath it on the Nintex workflow Flexi-task form. I have se...

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