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WF migrated to the cloud - action missing

Hi All, We have a SP2013 onprem running with Nintex Workflow / Forms Enterprise. Created a nice workflow which update a Word template with data from the form and after that it convert the document to ...

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action 'Update document' error

Hi,Have already created some workflow with this action but now I created a new one and for some reason I receive a error: Error updating document. Expression must evaluate to a node-set.I even deleted...

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Repeating section upload data to Word document

Hi,I created a form with a repeating section in it, so far nothing difficult.After that I created a workflow to show these data into a table (column multiple line of text) which is working perfectly.A...

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Copy file(s) from doclib to a list

Hi All,I have a question about copying or moving files from a document library to a SharePoint list (as attachment)I have a doclib on SP site called Dropbox, people can store files there which they ca...

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PowerShell script Nintex Workflow 2013

I would like to run a PowerShell script in a Nintex Workflow, does anyone know how to this as there is no action available to run PowerShell script ..

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Calculate next monday

Hi,Question: I want to create a workflow which calculate the next Monday no matter when the workflow is started.I do have now a scheduled workflow which starts at Thursday, then it's easy to calculate...

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Show/Hide panel based on dropdown menu

Goodmorning all,I have a list with a column (choices via dropdown menu, 4 choices (Please Select a value/Permanent/Consultant/Contractor)Created a form, inserted the column and also a panel.What I wou...

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Remove approver comments

Dear,I want to do the following:Once approver filled in some comments I want to filter/extract only the real comment instead of the (approver name) / date etc.ApproverName (Approved) 15/10/2015 07:54 ...

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