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Remove Term Store ID from Variable

I am designing a workflow that successfully pulls in a text field "Primary Service" but seems to also include what I presume to be the Term Store ID of the value. (The list uses the term store for tha...

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Capturing what changed

I have a list-based workflow and I would like to know if and when any of three specific fields are modified. The workflow settings allow me to listen for this condition, recognizing between fieldName ...

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Embedding Images in Notifications

I'm trying to embed (link, actually) an image stored in an accessible SharePoint library into an email notification. One problem I'm experiencing is that Workflow keeps changing the URL after I edit t...

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Any successful workflow integration with SAP?

Has anyone successfully integrated any Workflow procedures with SAP (e.g., using XML or webservices? In particular, I want to pass information to/from SAP's Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) module,...

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Is there a way to embed a lookup directly in a task notification?

I have a task and simply want the assignee to enter/select the name of an attorney using the Person or Group format or through a list lookup without having to edit the list item directly. Or, I'd like...

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LDAP Query Empty Results

I built the following LDAP query to retrieve the display name of a user but the results come back empty. I created a variable to capture/display any errors and, after some work, resolved any returned ...

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