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Run If item field is modified help

Hi guys, I am planning to combine my listworkflows, I wanta specific thing to happen when the item's field is modifiedBut since I'm combining 2 separate workflows into one. I want to use the Run if fu...

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Set Field Value Help

Hi guys, I am having trouble setting field value. I am trying to set the I have 2 columns. 1 .Responsible Persons and 2. Responsible Persons Manager.I am using a set field value function to update the...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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How to lookup data from another list

Hi guys I'm doing my first form on InfoPath. I want to be able to have a drop down box to choose items from another list. How will I be able to do that?EDIT: I managed to get it working by using a loo...

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How do I do a lazy approval workflow?

Hello everybody, I want to doa lazy approval listworkflow to request for an item using a form.How do I go about doing it? I have not created the form yet though, I am currently waiting for it to be in...

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Help with Reminder WorkFlow

Hi everyone, I'm currently doinga reminder workflow ona listwhich will send an email to thepeople in chargehow many days are left.My conditions areSend email foritemwhen the columndaysleft is 7,daysle...

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How to stop an action in the workflow under certain conditions

Hi guys I am currently doing expanding my workflow. It sends reminders if a due date is approaching, stating how many days are left.Depending on 3 conditions,Send emails when the columndaysleft is 7,d...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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How to use Run If

Hi guys, I'm doing a reminder workflow. I need to count the values in my DaysLeft column. I queried the list column DaysLeftand stored it in a variable which is HowManyDaysLeft. I want the workflow to...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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How to sent emails with If Condition

Hi guys, I need to do a workflow that sends out emails to remind people how many days till the due date. I calculated the difference between the Due Date and the Current Date column and got the amount...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Setting dyanmic current time on list

I just started using Nintex SharePoint 2013. I want to know how to set the date under my column "CurrDate" to the date currently. I want it to be able to be dynamic and not just when I edit the list. ...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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