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Send Email Upgrade



This How To article describes the steps needed to upgrade an Nintex for Office 365 workflow to Nintex Workflow Cloud that contains a Send Email action in your workflow design. Depending on your configuration, some of these steps may not apply to your workflow.



After Upgrade


  • You will see that the Start Event action and your Send an email actions may need to be reconfigured. 
  • Click on the Workflow upgrade details link in the upper right corner of the screen. The  Workflow upgrade details panel opens and displays the items requiring additional configuration prior to publishing.
  • You may need to configure the Connection property in the Start Event so that it uses an Nintex Workflow Cloud connection setup for your SharePoint tenant.

  • You will need to review all Send an Email actions in your workflow to make sure they use the correct email address settings in the Reply to, Sender display name, CC, and BCC properties.

  • Validate that your subject line and message body have the correct text and use correct variables for including data from your SharePoint list or workflow context.

  • Some property fields may contain references to deleted variables or properties that are not supported in Nintex Workflow Cloud. They will need to be resolved or deleted.

  • You will see that list item attachment variables have been removed as they are not currently supported.




  • List item attachments are not currently supported.

  • Including file attachments outside of your list item must come from a file variable that gets populated with a file from another workflow action. You will not be able to physically upload a file attachment into the workflow action at design time.

  • The internal email service setting is no longer supported in Nintex Workflow Cloud






Set the connection property in your workflow start event to use a connection that points to your SharePoint tenant.

Update Start Event Connection.gif



References Warning


If you see the yellow warning message to remove references to deleted variables or properties, look for the property box that is border highlighted in yellow. The message body in the image below, also bordered in yellow, has a problem with the link to the SharePoint item and needs resolved.

References Warning.png


The link to the SharePoint item used a variable from the O365 workflow version and needs to be resolved. We can click on the Variables menu option, select that variable in question and resolve it with a new variable that contains the "Item URL" start event variable as shown in the following animation.

Resolve Broken Item URL.gif


Other Attachments


If you want to add attachments to the message from sources outside your SharePoint list items, you will need to use a Get a file action from any document repository that will host the document and load it into a file variable. The following example pulls a document from a SharePoint document library using the Get a file action above Send an Email, then stores it in a variable named, fileMyExternalFile. 

External Attachment.png




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