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eSignLive & Nintex: Customize Your Nintex SharePoint Workflows with E-Signatures

The eSignLive for Nintex SharePoint connector allows you to add e-signatures to Nintex workflows, to fully automate any approval process. Make it easier for employees and business partners to sign documents, and get the job done faster with eSignLive for Nintex SharePoint.

AuthorDilani Silva
Long Description

The goal of this asset it to introduce the integrated solution developed by eSignLive, in conjunction with Nintex, to obtain compliant e-signatures in Nintex Workflow for SharePoint.

Pairing electronic signatures with Nintex removes the last traces of paper from your existing workflows. Whether you need an NDA or an HR contract signed, eSignLive for Nintex SharePoint lets you obtain secure and compliant e-signatures for your documents – all while keeping your workflows fully digital.


In Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, the eSignLive for Nintex SharePoint connector makes it easy to add configurable drag-and-drop e-signature actions to an existing workflow design, so you can customize and build a workflow that fits your e-signature needs.


Your signers can conveniently sign documents from anywhere, anytime and on any device quickly and easily.


Key Features

  • Customize existing Nintex workflows with drag-and-drop e-signature actions in Nintex Workflow Designer
  • Save signed documents to a specified SharePoint library
  • Evidence summary included to track the actions taken by signers
  • Signing on mobile devices


Typical Use Cases


Use your templates from eSignLive to satisfy the following use cases:

  • Human Resources: Forms for recruitment, employee on-boarding, performance appraisals, policy administration, employee off-boarding
  • Finance: Contract management, invoice processing, expense approvals
  • Sales and Marketing: Contracts, NDAs
  • Procurement: Vendor management forms 

Integration available for Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013 (on-premises)

Try eSignLive for Nintex SharePoint

  • Sign up for a free eSignLive Sandbox account.
  • Get your API key from your eSignLive Sandbox account (Go to your Profile at the top right and select “Admin”. Select “Integration” found on the left. Click the eye icon to unhide your API key).
  • Install the eSignLive for Nintex SharePoint connector.
  • Add e-signatures to your workflows!

To leverage e-signatures with Nintex for SharePoint Workflow, you will need the following:

Support InfoMichael Williams

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013 (on-premises)


SharePoint Server 2013

  • By accessing the Nintex Workflow Designer in SharePoint, you can easily drag-and-drop the e-signature actions directly into new and existing workflows

  • When your workflow gets to the point where signatures are required, Nintex Workflow triggers the document to be sent to your signers.

  • Once the document is sent, each signer receives an email asking them to e-sign. eSignLive is easy to use across all devices. The software’s responsive design adapts to any screen, so signers enjoy a seamless experience on their preferred device. 

  • When everyone has signed, eSignLive embeds the signatures and audit trail directly in the document. This gives you a vendor-independent record that can be verified and stored anywhere. eSignLive then automatically archives the completed document in your SharePoint library.

Additional Information

Nintex Xchange Terms of Use Policy

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