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Using Nintex Event-Driven Workflows to build an Audit Log for Project Server Changes

If you are Project Server Admin, at one time or the other, I am sure you felt the need to have an audit tracking of all the changes being made to the configuration of Project Server. This includes changes to Custom Fields, Lookup Tables, Calendars, Tasks, Timesheet periods and so on.

This need is even more, when you have more than one Administrator to the system. The good news is that,  all of these”events” can be tracked in Project Server, using event handlers. the not-so-good news is that, you need to be a developer to do the magic with event handlers.

But if you have Nintex Workflow for Project Server, you could use a cool functionality called “Event Driven” workflows, to log the changes. Let us take a look at how it works.

Step 1. Creating the list

To begin, create a simple SharePoint list. Nothing fancy, just a couple of columns as shown.


Step 2: Building the workflow

click on the gear icon, on the top right corner and
select Nintex Workflow for Project Server and
then select Manage Event Driven Workflows.
Click on New, to start building  a new event driven workflow, which brings you the workflow designer.image
Add the two actions (Retrieve Event Data, Update Item) as shown below,. The configuration for each item is shown separately.image
Configuration for 1. Retrieve Event Data


Configuration for 2. Create Item

  • Now go ahead and publish the workflow.

The final step is to associate this workflow to the event itself.  to do that, click Create  on the ribbon under the Event Association group.


Step 4: Testing the workflow

I have the following lookup tables in my set up. Now, I am going to update the LT_ProjectStatus look up table, by adding a new value, as below. image
And, when I go back to the list I created, (Audit Log), I can see the new value that has been added. image
Now, you can extend this technique to capture the Lookup Table Name, change type and so on. You could also set up notifications if you want on specific changes. Obviously, if you want a more specific product built for this audit tracking, I would recommend FluentPro AuditPro , but if you are working with a specific need, and already have Nintex Workflow for Project Server, this could be a neat thing. Also, notice, how Nintex allows you to work with almost all events possible? Super cool, in my opinion.image
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