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Sequence ID Reset Daily

I recently ran into an issue regarding a sequence ID. The list needed an ID reset back to 1 daily. The normal item list column via default SP columns doesn't allow a reset so I created one with a little finagling. Basically in my main list that I will call Help Desk tickets, I had a workflow that would move all the items to a archive list at midnight. The next day I wanted the sequence ID to roll back to 1, to start a new day of data.

1. I created a list just for sequence number called SeqID. This list has 2 columns  

Custom SP list with 2 additional columns. This list is crucial to the naming convention for each entry.

Column Settings

Column Name:

Defaults to:







 2. I then created a Site Workflow

A site workflow is connected to the list called ‘manage Seq Id List’ that resets the one entry on this list back to 1 at 3:00AM


3. Now on the main list that you need the ID reset to add these first 5 actions on the workflow to deal with the seqID and set to start whenever an item is created.

Every time a “New Item” is clicked the workflow runs and grabs the SeqID and updates the seqID list with the next ID.

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