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Sales Discount Approval (2 levels, 1 Reviewer)

Select a discount level and request approval. Discounts below 10% are automatically approved, while discounts above 10% are sent to a sales manager for review.

AuthorErick Weitkamp
Long Description

This Sales discount approval template shows how to connect Nintex Workflow Cloud to Salesforce and create a form driven discount approval process.

What this workflow does:

  1. The workflow starts from a Nintex Workflow for Salesforce form.
  2. If the discount is less than 10%, the workflow automatically approves it.
  3. If the discount is above 10%, the workflow requests a reviewer’s approval.
  4. When the discount is approved or rejected by the reviewer, the workflow updates the opportunity, and notifies the Seller.
  5. The workflow ends.

Quick Start with this Template:

  1. Import this template to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant:
    1. Copy this 32 character Workflow Key: cb748bf0295f452d914d0e2d0da4d528
    2. In your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant, select Import and paste in the Workflow Key.
      Use the name Discount Approval - 1 Reviewer to help keep track of your imported templates.
  2. Create a Connection to Salesforce.
  3. Open the template and configure all of the Salesforce actions with your Salesforce connection:
    1. Start event: Nintex Workflow for Salesforce
    2. Update a record
  4. Select Publish, and Assigned use: Development from the toolbar to publish the workflow for testing purposes.
  5. Test the workflow:
    1. Fill in the form with less than a 10% discount and click Submit.
      1. Verify that you receive the “Seller, your request…Approved” email and that the Lead was correctly updated in Salesforce.
    2. Fill in the form with more than a 10% discount and click Submit.
      1. Verify that you receive the “Seller, your request…” and “Reviewer, request for approval…” email.
    3. Reply to the “Reviewer, request for approval…” email with Qualified or Reject.
      1. Verify that the Lead was correctly updated in Salesforce.
      2. Verify that the response emails are appropriate.

For more information on using and extending single reviewer workflows see this video.


Requires at least a trial version of Salesforce and at least a trial version of Nintex Workflow Cloud.

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