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SAP Made Easy w/ Zimt

Freedom to completely redesign how your company interacts with SAP. Zimt bundles all the complex logic for SAP business tasks into a single, simple entry point. Making integration with SAP faster and easier than ever before.

AuthorPearl Schuman
Long Description

Bring the power and ease of Zimt's ZPack technology directly into your workflows. Zimt bundles all of the complex logic for common (or custom) SAP tasks, optimizes it for speed. Making SAP automation as easy as drag and drop.


Runs on any version of SAP, requires Zimt Bridge to be installed on your SAP instance.

Support Info

Zimt Developer | Pearl Schuman


Nintex Workflow


SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Server 2013


Additional Information

For more information or to obtain a Zimt App, please click here

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