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Request Quote for new Facility Form

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a form that I've been working on. We utilize Nintex Forms all over our environment, but this is one that I've actually have gotten to dig into some of the features I had only heard about.

On this form, we are gathering information about launching a new facility: Location, Size, Equipment Needed, etc. I don't necessarily understand all the fields.. but that's not the point.

I am using Rules to hide different sections based on responses.  Each section is within a "Panel".

In equipment section, I am using the Repeating Section to allow users to select multiple items from the list.

And finally, at the bottom, I have a cost "cheat sheet".  The # of Devices and the Cost fields are single lines of text.  The Total Cost fields are calculated values of the # of Device times the individual Cost. Then at the end, the Grand Total adds up all the individual total fields.

This isn't live yet, but captures everything they are doing in a spreadsheet, today.

The only downfall of this, is that the Cost Fields are Single Line of Text, and therefore could be altered in the form.  Not sure if there is a way to make certain fields "read only" - If anyone has feedback here, would love to hear it!

Also, I played around with the "Tabbing" functionality on this form, which was pretty cool. Originally, each blue header was a separate tab, which was great.  But the downfall was when viewing the responses, you couldn't tab across the tabs to view the data that was inserted. Let me know if there is something here that I missed as I could only figure out how to view the data on each tab when being in edit mode, which I didn't want to be in. The hassle for the user wasn't worth it, so we went back to one long form. I much preferred the look of the tabs though.

I try to use Nintex Forms whenever possible. I enjoy setting them up and playing with the look and feel!


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