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Remove Permissions UDA

Used when archiving project sites in SharePoint, this UDA will reduce all users and user groups current permissions down to Read to keep current permission structure intact as well as grant All users Read access to site.

AuthorJesse McHargue
Long Description

This UDA will find all users and user groups applied to a site (at the top level), and reduce their permissions to Read.

It will also grant ALL users Read access to the site.

This was designed and created with the intention of archiving SharePoint sites, but leaving the permission structure in place in the event auditing was required.

This UDA can be extended to update to any permission level by simply updating the permission mask variable.


None. This UDA can be ran in any workflow and only requires a site URL to run.

Support Info

If you have any questions, comments, or want me to extend this, please feel free to reach out or leave a comment!

Jesse McHargue | Email Me


Nintex Workflow 2010


SharePoint 2010


Additional Information

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