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PowerShell Find All Workflows - Part 1

There are times when you need to find all your workflows in your entire farm and Nintex provides a command to help.

AuthorVadim Tabakman
DescriptionNintex Workflow installs a command line tool named NWAdmin.exe on the server where you initially ran the MSI.  It's usually located in c:\Program Files\Nintex\Nintex Workflow 2010 (or 2007 if you are on that product).

NWAdmin has a number of operations, but for this post we are interested in the -o FindWorkflows operation.  It iterates through the farm and outputs the site, list and workflowname.

Support Info

Vadim Tabakman - Nintex Workflow - PowerShell Find All Workflows Part 1 - Vadim Tabakman

IndustryProfessional Services
CompatibilityNintex Workflow
PlatformSharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013

Additional Information

[IO.Directory]::SetCurrentDirectory((Convert-Path (Get-Location -PSProvider FileSystem)))   # check if we are in the same location as the nwadmin.exe if(Test-Path(".\nwadmin.exe")) {    # find all the workflows and store them in a variable   $foundworkflows = .\nwadmin -o FindWorkflows     foreach($line in $foundworkflows)   {     if($line.StartsWith("Active at "))     {       # get the site url       $site = $line.Replace("Active at ","");     }     if($line.StartsWith("-- "))     {        # get the list name       $list = $line.Replace("-- ","");     }     if($line.StartsWith("---- "))     {       # get the workflow name       $workflowname = $line.Replace("---- ","");         $message = "{0} - {1} - {2}" -f $site,$list,$workflowname;       echo $message;     }   } } else {   echo "NWAdmin doesn't exist.  Change directory to where NWAdmin.exe lives."; }
DependenciesMust have Windows PowerShell and Nintex Workflow installed

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