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Nintex Forms for Guided Questions and Scripts

I think we have used Nintex Forms for a unique solution to support a clients Customer Services Centre workers streamline the process of determining the correct outcome for customer repairs / maintenance requests on their properties.

We developed a Nintex Form Template for our client that they use to build guided questions and outcomes for various request types e.g. plumbing, electrical, fences etc.

Home Page.pngForms are filled in, answering questions until a solution(s) is arrived at. The form provides an audit trail of the questions asked, as the form is not saved to a list (Volume is to high) these notes are copied into their other LOB system.

Example Form 1.png

While most questions are radio button options, some do include free text and even images to help call takers make the decision of
which answer should be checked.

Example Form 2.png.jpg

The Finish button closes the form without saving it, instead it runs javascript and returns the user to the home page. The
javascript updates a list which logs the forms usage against the user for MI purposes.

MI Info.png

A future phase will see these forms made available from the clients website via Nintex Live to provide self service requests. The solutions sits on the Office 365 platform.

In the first 6 months there have been over 30,000 forms used, the forms are not static, the answer selected for a question determines the next question, this is determined via form rules.




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