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May Mission - Promotion/Pay increment request

This is an application used by Human Resources in my company. It is a promotion and pay change request raised by a Manager for his team members.

Manager initiates the request by entering the information manually.


Once they have selected the type of request, it shows different sets of panels for respective options. Every tab is connected to a different panel, which is shown when clicked on the tab.



They can save this information as Draft and come back later to complete. The workflow is not initiated when saved as Draft.

Once submitted, the workflow is initiated (which is tied to the Submit button response).


This request is sent to the HR representative who will see an additional panel to input the data at this stage. Once they have submitted the data, the workflow creates tasks for approval. When HR submits their response, the workflow recognizes the returned parameter to move ahead.


Once approved, the form shows a summary panel of the request details and comments entered by HR and others during approval.

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