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May Mission - External Vendor Applications

Good day,

We had a problem where our Supply Chain department just did not have enough employees to perform all the tasks that were required.  So the responsible person for the supply chain information systems approached me and asked how IT can assist in building a web portal/form for vendors to fill in a form and submit all their detail to us and is there a way of automating the capturing process into some kind of a database for easy finding / with search capability.  This quickest and cheapest solution was SharePoint with Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow.

We started by breaking this massive form down into sub sections and fields and then built the list for it. All of this was built in one long list.

I left out some of the fields from some of the sections just to make the post shorter.  All of the information is required by the supply chain department.  the more information that is supplied, the better fit could be determined.   There is also workflows in the background that takes this to certain forums for further discussion.


The Vendor Number is currently hosted in SAP and a further step would have been to use a web service to confirm the vendor number from SAP.

I copied a country list from the internet.  If the country is not South Africa, the provinces field is hidden and reappears once South Africa is selected.

Some basic validations are done on the email address.  Does it contain @ followed by a "."

Yes would open the local community field as well as the attachment block.

Section2 and 3.png

If yes is selected the Add Attachment block is displayed again.  This is re-using the existing add attachment block over and over through out the form but the user gets the experience of having to add a document at this step.

I did not get a solution for the Maximum 20 items yet.

Section4 and 5.png

There is quite a few Yes/No questions and this will be used in filtering for best fit. I left out the Whole of section F seeing that it is basically a repeat of Section E but focused on Environmental question.

This form is then published to Nintex Live and will be linked on our corporate site for any potential vendor applications. Once an external person fills this in, the SahrePoint list item is created with this information and a workflow is started to notify the administrators about the new entry.   If someone did not attach any documents to the application, a workflow will delete the application and an email would be sent to the applicant to notify that his/her application was not accepted because the relevant documents were not attached.

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