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May Mission - Application Owner

When we are talking about SharePoint, most of the time, companies used some other Collaboration software before ...

And then, we need to migrate those applications, sometimes to SharePoint, sometimes to other software.

But when it comes to workflow, in most of the cases, SharePoint is a best bet and you know why if you read this ;-)

One of the difficult point of the process of the migration is to know who was/is the owner of the application.

So a workflow is not a bad idea to collect this valuable information.

Here is a simple form I have used in the past.

The first screen shot is the default layout when the user clicks in his mail to open the form.

Not Owner.PNG

He can click the link to open the application and see if he owns the application.

Trick #1: To display the Hyperlink in edit mode is very simple:

Open the setting of the Control Setting of your column. Expand the Advanced section and for Control Mode, select Display.

If the user is not the Owner, he can enter the name of another owner if he knows it.

But if he is the owner,


he can decide if the migration is needed or not.

Trick #2: When you hide Controls by Rules, do not forget to give a Name to the Control you will use in your formula and not the Connected To value.

Now guess from which software, the applications need to be migrated ;-)

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