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June Mission - Giacomo Gelosi


here's how I've solved June Mission in O365:

  1. I've created a Choice Site Column with the list of all my request type (following RequestType)
  2. I've created a Checklist-Definition list with Title, Task ID (to order them) and RequestType, here I've defined all my checklist (each point is an item in the checklist), if new request type will come, a new option has to be added to RequestType column and tasks should be listed here (For my sample, I've put in only 6 task for category).
  3. I've created a Requests list with RequestType, a text column named Status and an Hyperlink column named LinkToTask (Status and LinkToTask are set to be hidden in forms)
  4. My last list is a task list where I've added a lookup column (RequestID) to Requests list, showing ID

From here I've started with the workflows:

  1. First workflow runs on Requests lists when a new item is created. Workflow queries Checklist-Definition list filtering for items with RequestType equals current item RequestType, saving Title, TaskID and number of items returned. Then in a For Each I store each Title and Task ID and I create a task with title #{TaskID} - {Title} and save also RequestID as current ID, in order to keep a relationship between each task and master request. After all I update Request item putting the following text in Status "Task completed 0/{#TaskCreated}" and column LinkToTask with a link to task list filtered by Lookup field.

  1. Second workflow runs on Task list when an item is modified. First action is a filter that checks if %Complete is equal to 1, if yes it does two queries on task list, one looking for all task with RequestID equals current item RequestID and the other with an additional filter to returns only completed task. What I need from the two queries is the numer of items returned. After the queries, I update the element in Request list, specifically the Status column writing "Task completed {#TasksCompleted}/{#TotalTasks}"

In this way, every time a change is done on a task, if the user marks the task as completed, it updates also the status on the main element.

Screenshot of my request list:

and of my task list, clicking in the "See the tasks" for the second element:

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