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July 2017 Mission - Solution by Henning Eiben

This months mission was to fix a workflow as described by Giacomo Gelosi‌.

These are my steps to fix the workflow:

  1. Enable the workflow to automatically start when a new list-item is created
  2. The data of the repeating section within the form-data is stored as XML and thus is must be XML-encoded to be properly stored in the XML of the formdata. So before accessing the data of the repeated section you have to decode the data. I added an extra step for more clarity (although this could be done in a single step within the query).
  3. Finally the create-item statement was missing an extra "#", as the delimiter is not just ";" but it's ";#". So the value of the Lookup-column should look like this:

Find attached an exported version of the fixed workflow.

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