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Create an item on a different list for each repeating section item

This is a quick post in answer to the question posted here​ on the forums. Thought it might be better as a blog post to explain.

First of all, if you are using a repeating section and want to extract data out, you need to read this excellent post by Vadim Tabakman​.

I won't repeat what is already explained in his post. For the sake of my own understanding, when I read the blog post, I had to break down Vadim's UDA and go through each set separately. You might want to do the same.

To be able to create an item for each repeating section, you need to just one more step to the workflow: Create Item.

After the action Query XML, to query the decoded XML of the Repeating section, ass the Create Item action.

Here is how my Query XML action looks like. I am pulling two fields from the repeating section called EstNPV (stored in ValNPV) and EstIRR (valIRR).

Now Create Item action would look like this:

Since the workflow operates in a loop, an item gets created for every row in the repeating section.

Hope this helps!

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