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Copy Templates to Appraisal Library

AuthorTheresa Schaefer
Long Description

Scenario: We have five different types of appraisals we conduct. In SharePoint we have a library with all of our templates and a library where we create and manage our appraisals. We needed a workflow that could be triggered to run on the entire templates library – not just triggered individually on each file within the library (which is what you would have to do if you built the workflow on the templates library). Therefore, we need a Site Workflow. We want the site workflow to copy the appropriate templates based upon a Condition (ex. Appraisal A or B) to the Template Library and include identified metadata from the Appraisal library columns. For example, Appraisal A would copy files that had a Class of SCAMPI A, a Model Level of SVC, and a Maturity Level of 3.


To replicate the above scenariofirst you will need to have or build an Appraisal Library and a Template Library. The Appraisal Library has the following columns (some of which might or might not make sense to others): Category (single line of text); Class (Choice: SCAMPI A, SCAMPI B, & SCAMPI C); Maturity Level (Choice: NA, 2, 3, 4, & 5); Copy Set (Choice: No & Yes with No set as the Default value); and Model Level (Choice: SVC, DEV, & ACQ). The Template Library has the following columns: Appraisal Name (Single line of text); Required by SEI (Yes/No); Business Unit (Lookup to a BU List – this could be a Single line of text if you don’t have a BU List created on your site); Artifact Type (Single line of text); Account (Single line of text); and Metadata WF (Choice: No & Yes with No set as the Default value). It is easier when building the workflows to at least have some “dummy” files in the library that can be deleted after the testing.

Support InfoTheresa Schaefer
CompatibilityNintex Workflow 2010

SharePoint Server 2010

ScreenshotsCopy appraisal files workflow

Additional Information

There are detailed instructions in the attached Create Copy Documents Workflow document. Not all of the fields or choices may make sense for you, but I left them in for playing with options.


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