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Business Process Improvement Masterclass: Sales

The first in a series of blog posts on business process improvement have hit our corporate website. We're summarizing them here, but be sure to click for the full post.

This one is on Finance and Banking by our very own Jakob Maciolek, ,VP of Technical Evangelism , for Nintex.

Business Process Improvement Masterclass: learn from the experts in Finance and Banking

by Jakob Maciolek


Sales is often seen as all about relationships between salespeople and their customers, yet this means we often don't see how much sales processes can be improved through the use of technology.

We recently sat down with small business strategist Mike McRitchie to talk about sales processes. He told us about the benefits of automating sales workflows - from saving time preparing documents to freeing up your resources.

“A salesperson without a system behind him or her will only achieve a small percentage of their potential,” Mike says. “And a salesperson working a solid system will often outperform a salesperson who is technically better at the individual sales components.”

Nintex Vice President of Technical Evangelism Jakob Maciolek’s Nintex Blog post contains insights and key tips on creating digital workflows and making your sales team that much more efficient. Read “How Can Workflow Improve Sales Processes?” today.

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