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Build a Nintex form - pt 3 of 3

This asset will show you how to add validation to your Nintex Form and some additional customization tips.

AuthorEmily Billing
Long Description

Finally, we show you how you can use simple validation around a yes/no control and add a hyperlink onto the form.

One of the requirements to submit a travel request is to read and understand the Corporate Travel Guidelines. We’re going to add a checkbox at the end of the form, for users to check and also add some validation around this control, so the form can only be submitted if the user has checked the checkbox which says they have read the guidelines.



Support Info

Eric Harris​ - Build your first Nintex Form - Part 3 of 3 (validation & hyperlinks)


Nintex Forms 2013

Nintex Forms O365


SharePoint Server 2013

Office 365


Add a Yes/No control and Label control onto the form

Drag a Yes/No control onto the form, below the Repeating Section.


Next, drag a Label control onto the form next to the Yes/No control. Double click on the Label control. Type “I have read and accept the..”.


Now, we can add in a hyperlink to the Travel Guidelines document. Click on the Insert tab, and then click on Link.


At the bottom of the Insert Reference dialog, you will see a section for a web address. In the Address field, enter the URL where the document can be accessed from.

Note: If you do not have a document to link to, try any hyperlink such as or

In the Hyperlink text to display, type “Corporate Travel Guidelines”. Click Ok.


Click the General tab and the Save the action.


Configure the Yes/No Control

The next step is to set the validation of the Yes/No control. Double click on the Yes/No control to open the configuration menu.


In the Text field, type “Yes”. Then expand the Validation section and in the Required to be checked drop down menu, select Yes.

In the Required to be checked field, type “You must read and accept the travel guidelines”. Click Save.


Preview your Form

Once you’re happy with the layout of the form, click the Preview button in the Ribbon. You form will look something like this. If you try to submit the form without checking the box, the form will not submit.


Publish the Form

The form can only be used, once it is published. To publish, click Publish in the Ribbon. Once the form has been published, close the Nintex Forms designer and add a new item to your Travel Request Form. The Nintex Form will appear and look something like this.


Additional Information

Video Link : 1173

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