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Build a Nintex form - pt 2 of 3

This asset walks through adding a repeating section to a Nintex form and other tips.

AuthorEmily Billing
Long Description

You may have noticed that the travel request form we created in the first article does not contain an area for destinations. This is where a repeating section comes in handy.

The first step is to create some room on the form. To move and resize the controls on the form, select a control and use the yellow corners to resize the select the controls you want to move.

Support Info

Eric Harris​ - Build your first Nintex Form - Part 3 of 3 (validation & hyperlinks)


Nintex Forms 2013

Nintex Forms O365


SharePoint Server 2013

Office 365


Your form should look something like this.


In the space you have created, drag a Repeating Section Control onto the canvas.


Add four Label controls

The next step is to add four Label controls on top of the repeating section. These are going to be the columns for each set of information. The four label controls should be titled; Country, City, Arrival Date and Departure Date.

To change the title of a Label control, double click on the control and type in the text box.


Once you have named all your Label controls, your form should look something like this.


Add input controls within the Repeating Section

Now it’s time to add the input controls within the actual repeating section control. Drag a Single line of text control onto the canvas, and sit it inside the Repeating section control below “Country”.


Now copy and paste this control below the next column; City. Your form should look similar to the image below.


We’re almost finished the repeating section!

Add two Date and Time controls

The final two controls, are Date/Time. Drag a Date and Time control below the Arrival Date field, in the repeating section. Double click on the control and in the Date Only field, select Yes.


Copy the Date/Time control and paste below the Departure Date label. Your form should look something like this. You may have to rearrange the controls so everything fits.


Format the Controls

Add formatting to the Repeating section, so the input controls are consistent with the other controls on the form. Click on the Start Date input control and then select the Format Painter in the Ribbon. The Format painter copies the formatting style from one control to another.


Click on the Repeating Section control and the formatting will be copied over.

repeat.pngDrag and drop a Label control on the top of the Repeating Section. Double –click on the action and call it Destinations.


Finally, double click on the Repeating Section control. In the control dialog, locate the Text for add row icon and type in “Add another destination”.


Preview the Form

Now we’re ready to Preview.

Click on the Preview button in the Ribbon, and then Generate Preview. When you click on “Add another destination”, another section should open up and look like this.


Additional Information

Video Link : 1174

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