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Build a Nintex form - pt 1 of 3

This tutorial is useful if you want to understand the basics of building a form in Nintex.

AuthorEmily Billing
Long DescriptionIn this tutorial, we show you the steps to create your first Nintex Form. The first thing we cover is creating a SharePoint list for a travel request form, and lastly, we'll add in some simple customization.


Support Info

Eric Harris​ - Build your first Nintex Form - Part 1 of 3 (simple customization)


Nintex Forms 2013

Nintex Forms O365


SharePoint Server 2013

Office 365


Create a SharePoint List

Open a SharePoint site whre you want to create the list and click on Site Settings in the top right-hand corner. Click on Add an App. Select Custom list and then give your list a name, e.g. “Travel Request Form”.


Next, you’ll need to create the following list columns:

  • Employee – people or group
  • Department – list lookup
  • Cost Center – list lookup
  • Start Date – Date and Time
  • End Date – Date and Time


We're not going to create a travel destination list column, as this is going to become a repeating section, and we want to view the outcome in the item itself. If you want to jump into how to create a Destination Repeating section, you can skip to the next article Build your first Nintex Form - Part 2 of 3 (repeating sections).

Opening a Nintex Form

Click on the List tab and then select Nintex Forms in the Ribbon. A pre-populated form will open up on the forms designer.

NF.pngThe first thing you want to do, is remove the Title label and single line of text control since we don’t need them on this form. Right-click on the control and select Delete.


Configure the Employee People Control

Now we want to configure the “Employee” People control so that the form recognises who the person is and they are not required to fill in that information themselves.

Double-click on the People control to open the dialog box. In the Default Value source, click on the drop down arrow and   select Expression.


In the Default Value field, click on the Insert Reference icon.

insert_ref.pngSelect Current User in the Common tab. Click Ok and then Save the control.


Preview the Form

You can preview the form to see how the form works. Click on the Preview button in the Ribbon and then Generate Preview. You can see in the Employee field, that the field has already been populated. When you hover over the name, it contains all their information too.


Save the Form

Now you could save and publish, but before you do, there are a few other things we can do to this form to improve the usability of it.

Additional Information

Video Link : 1175

Check out Build a Nintex form - part 2 of 3  and Build a Nintex form - pt 3 of 3

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