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April 2017 Mission - ER Nintex Styles

Hi all and thanks for the very entertaining challenge Rhia Wieclawek‌!  For those of you who just stumbled upon this blog without any context, Rhia devised a challenge for us to create a workflow only using a set number of actions that she specified.  See this post for her mission.

It certainly takes a different dimension when you’re given building blocks without requirements and have to retrofit requirements around a solution that solves something!  As Nintex can be applied to all sorts of processes, my method was to think about my favourite things in life and I stumbled across my favourite TV programme of all time: ER.

Let’s take one of their many processes and automate what happens.  The process we’re tackling is what happens when someone presents at the Emergency Department.  Of course if I was automating ER correctly, I’d have Dr Peter Benton sending more “Let’s move people!” Skype for Business messages to his team and Romano not looking up the staff roster to see who was busy, he’d just give the job to “Lizzy” regardless of her schedule.  Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I highly recommend you watch an episode.  I recommend Love’s Labor Lost.

I’ve left the default names of the actions as is so you’ll see where I used each one.  Yes, there are many flaws in this workflow.  No, there is no way this would actually substitute for what goes on inside an emergency room with these limited actions but it was fun to try.

We start with the patient arriving and we need to triage them with a flexitask.  If it’s a minor issue we figure out what’s free in about 8 hours (probably the average waiting time in lots of busy places) and find a free time after then.
If the poor person is DOA then we want to immediately inform their next of kin.  We also want to see if they will approve organ donation and if they do we inform the donation team to do their thing.

If they present with something serious then we want to also inform their next of kin and run a whole series of tests.  I chose an X-ray and Cat Scan as some example tests.  I did wish for the parallel action block here so I could request these tests in parallel.  We wait for the results of the test(s).  I also book in with the surgeon if they require surgery.

If they go through surgery we send all the information we can compile to the surgeon.  If they don’t need surgery, they will go to the ward.  They’re also not allowed to eat for a certain time afterwards so we figure out the time they’re allowed to eat and include this with the instructions we send to the ward.

Once we’re done with that we also bundle up the medical notes into a nice big XML structure and send that to our medical software via email.  OK it’s not very nice getting an XML email but this could be easily replaced with a web service call. 

We’re done.  Now Dr Mark Greene can go and make eyes at Susan and pretend that they’re only friends.  Yeah right!

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