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"Pause for" Action Pauses Longer than Configured

When using a "Pause for" action, the workflow might pause 5 - 10 minutes longer than configured.

Option 1

Restart the SharePoint timer service.

Option 2

Download the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 October 2011 CU.

If the issue persists after downloading the October CU, it might be caused by a Microsoft SharePoint workflow engine bug. For more information, see SharePoint Workflow Engine bug. This known bug can affect some Nintex Workflow and cause them to freeze under certain conditions.

Option 3

Test a basic SharePoint designer workflow with a delay. If your issue is also occurring in the SharePoint designer workflow, this suggests there is a greater issue with this service. Contact Microsoft Support for additional assistance. 

Note: Nintex Workflow uses the SharePoint Workflow engine. If these issues are occurring in Nintex Workflows, they will also occur in SharePoint Designer workflow. Normally, a simple SharePoint Designer workflow with a Delay or Pause activity will result in the same behavior and this test can be used to demonstrate the problem requires Microsoft Support.

See also Optimizing timeout settings: SharePoint timer service. and Tracking and Resolving Stuck Workflow Timer Jobs

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