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Workflow continues running even though it has been cancelled


  • Workflow is configured with a loop (or a long set of actions)
  • Workflow has been cancelled, but user can see that actions are still being executed


For example:

  • User schedules a workflow.
  • Workflow contains a 'For Each' loop to copy and delete items.
  • Workflow is cancelled by customer.
  • User observes that items continue to be copied/deleted between lists.



Restart the IIS and the SharePoint Timer Services on all servers to stop the workflow from being processed. Monitor the workflow for 10 more minutes and ensure that no further operations are executed.


Additional Information

The solution is all encompassing; if you can target exactly which process and server is running the workflow, you can simply terminate and/or restart the process on that server to reduce the impact on the entire SharePoint farm.


For example:

  • If the workflow was triggered by a user (manually, Item Creation, Item Modified, etc.), the workflow will be executed by the IIS Worker Process (w3wp.exe)
  • If the workflow was scheduled, you can restart the SharePoint Timer Service (OWSTimer.exe) on the server that is currently running the Nintex Workflow Scheduler job.
  • Otherwise, the workflow may be running on the Workflow job, in which the SharePoint Timer Service, again, can be restarted on the specific server that is running the Workflow job.
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