Unexpected Emulator Response or Synchronization Error


When running or stepping through a script, Foxtrot Legacy returns the error message:

Unexpected Emulator Response or Synchronization Error

Followed by “Response Code of 5”

This message is typically displayed when Foxtrot runs too fast for the host system and gets ahead of the screens.
When that happens, certain control keys (Position Cursor, Enter Text or Number) are executed on a “locked” portion of the screen, resulting in the error.



There are two confirmations that need to take first place:
  • Confirm that all Position Cursors, Enter Text or Number and all Database fields used in the script are being sent to valid positions on the host screen. (If fields have moved or screens have changed, you will need to adjust your script)
  • After any Enter, Page Up, Page Down or Function Key that changes the screen on the host system, there should be Check Screen or Script Search Control Key to ensure that the host has gone to the correct screen.
Once this has been confirmed, the following steps should resolve problem:
  1. Activate Retry Check Screen & Retry Script Search. In ’Tools/Options/Preferences/Scripting’ this option should be selected. First try the ’Check for Redraw Only’ option. This will allow the host screen to “refresh” before the retry executes. If this does not solve the option, uncheck the ’Check for Redraw Only’ and try again.
  2. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, check ’Check for Redraw’ again and increase the interval between comparisons.
  3. If you still experience errors, uncheck ’Check for Redraw Only’ and try again, leaving the increased time between comparisons.

You will have to determine optimal settings for the “Try up to…” and the “Try every…” on your system through trial and error.

Once you have determined the optimal settings for running the script without getting the error, they can to be set permanently for the user in the Foxtrot Administrator.


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